Maximumm Focus on You

Are you sick of people bombarding you with so-called solutions that you do not need, but are easier for them? Instead, at Maximumm our guiding principle is to listen to you at every step of the way, so we can create solutions to your problems. We have immense experience of delivering solutions and that’s taught us that regardless of what we know – we know that you know your business better.


Maximumm Hands On

We can provide people on the ground to help you to make it happen. Our hands on approach mean that we can help you to avoid the pitfalls, and get to where you are trying to go. We can offer you personalised service, with a level of experience and expertise that’s second to none.

We Understand English

We won’t hit you with technical gobbledygook.We understand English, and we understand your business problems. Our team are qualified and certified both technically and in business. So whatever you need to tell us, we will understand what you are saying. So we can convey that information to the people that need it, in whatever jargon is required.

Our Commitment to You – Quantifiable Results

Strategic Analysis

Digital Solutions

Quantifiable Results

O ur expert knowledge could save you a lot of time and heartache. Maximumm provides leading edge, highly innovative technologies and strategies aimed to provide you with a true and significant advantage over your competitors. Unlike many digital agencies, we don’t provide you with solutions that are simply designed to give your customers a strong but superficial and short term impression. We offer real solutions to real challenges.


What We Do

Services include Business Strategy, Digital strategy, Technical Solutions, E-Commerce, SEO, Online Marketing and Project Management.

Looking At Your Problems: 40%
Plus Innovative Recommendations: 60%
Plus Digital Solutions: 80%
Equals Growing Your Business: 100%
First - We Listen: 25%
Second - We Recommend: 50%
Third - We Get Our Hands Dirty: 75%
Fourth - We Deliver a Solution to Your Problem: 100%
A nalysing your business processes and defining world-leading solutions.

Resource management, maximising efficiences
Social Media strategies and implementation
Online reputation management
Risk Management
Contract Management and dispute resolution
Development and implementation of project management processes and frameworks, including prince 2, PMP, Agile and Lean
We provide full time and part time services at a level to suit your requirements.

We have done the hard yards. We have decades of experience in the digital space that’s second to none. And yes, we have made a lot of mistakes over those years. Made mistakes, and learned from them, so you don’t have to. Digital technology and strategy can be complex, and it can be costly. A young start-up can have great ideas too – but they’ll be making their mistakes on your time, at your expense, and on solutions that are important for you.


We know what works and what doesn’t work, because we’ve seen things work and we’ve seen them fail.

Our breadth of knowledge – being hugely experienced and certified in business as well as technology, means we can actually understand what makes your business unique, and the unique challenges you face.

We know that its not ‘one size fits all’, and we can develop the right strategy and solution for your requirements, and at a price that delivers the right return on investment for you.

Why not give us a call? Our first conversation and preliminary assessment is free, with no strings attached.

Where we work

Our Place or Yours

At our place or yours. We believe that a fundamental is that good business starts with good communication. And Good communication starts with communication between team members. And that the best communication is face to face. So we will provide people in the ground, so they can see how you work – and so you can see how they work. But most importantly, so communications are immediate, and clear. So everyone is on the same page, all of the time.


Don’t hesitate to call or email us for a confidential discussion.


W hether in London, or Brighton or further afield, we are happy to come to you and provide people on the ground in your area. And we guarantee won’t waste your time – we’ll tell you immediately if somebody else more local is better suited for your requirement.