Maximumm is a leader in education, providing highly effective educational solutions, advice and support.

Maximumm Focus on You Our guiding principle is to listen to you and create solutions to your problems. Because we know, that you know better.
Maximumm Hands On Our hands on approach provides a personalised service to help you achieve your goals.


Our world-leading educational resources will help you to be you - like no one else can do.

We have developed world-leading educational techiques and principles that help you to be you, and to be better - to be as great as you always knew you could be.
Contact us with any questions - or watch some of your videos to get an idea of whether we can help you.

Improving your own life, your career or your business - all require effective strategies.

Many underestimate the importance of a strategy, a plan, or a strong idea of what you would like to achieve and why and when.
We can help you navigate the complex plethora of ideas and options, and see clarity and achieve focus.

Advice on development, improvement, innovation and transformation.

In a rapidly changing world, with a multitude of options - do you need clarity and focus?
Our personalised advisory service and one on one coaching and tuition can assist you to rapidly cut through the sheets of confusion, and achieve your goals.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
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Latest Videos All videos in our YouTube channel

Robots and AI Trends
Peter Carr | 2018
This video provides valuable insight into the future of work and the impact of AI and robots
Career choices in the age of automation
Peter Carr | 2018
The second part in the series, this talk gives great insight into career choices over the next 10 to 15 years
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Why Choose Us?

We see the whole picture

Many so-called solutions don't take into account the whole picture, so create a new problem by solving the first one. We look at the whole issue, and provide holistic solutions.

We know how to listen

Some solution providers impose their ideas on you before you've even explained the problem! We are experts at listening - we know that you know your situation far better than we do!

We’re ethical

A work ethic is not an ethic - it's just an attitude. Real ethics are what really matter. Trust, reliability and honesty = you can rely on us.

What people say?

"Peter has done an amazing job - it must have been like herding cats!""

Anthony Roberts, Minister for Counter Terrorism and Corrections, NSW Government

What people say?

"The quality of the work was outstanding"

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

What people say?

"I could barely believe how incredible the result were"

Adrian Harlow, Telstra


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