How to use Facebook to grow your business

How to use Facebook to grow your business

Would you like to know how to best use Facebook to grow your business?

Log out of it!!

Seriously, for those regular users who live in Facebook, it’s like visiting the National Gallery in London, and then stopping and staring at the first painting until the gallery closes. For businesses, it’s like going to Ikea and not getting past the children’s play area. Folks – there is an amazing world out there, and if Facebook is the first painting that has grabbed your attention, then believe me, there’s a whole lot more that will blow your mind.

Yes, there are something like 1.3 billion people using Facebook. And yes, occasionally one of them MIGHT click on an advert for a hedge trimmer when they are looking at photo of their friends new baby boy. Although you’d have to wonder about those sorts of associations.

But believe it or not, there are other places where you can be almost guaranteed to have someone read your advert, and click on it, and visit your site. And those resources are no further away than the click on a mouse.

If you would like to know the best place to advertise online, click here.

Nobody can deny Facebook is the worlds number one online community  And it has good uses for business, which I cover in my related article, “best ways to use Facebook for business”. But if you still want to advertise on Facebook, click here for a step by step guide on ‘advertising’ on Facebook.

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